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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

we promise to be there for you every time you need assistance, so make sure you’re taking a step in the right direction and allowing us to take care of all your water damage problems.

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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

The inspection does not cost much. Mold removal Lafayette is a company that has been dealing with mold issues for a long time and so they can take care of any problem that you have.

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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Our cleaners are normally known by the badge that is usually on there overcoats plus their services are the best.

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Experienced sofa cleaning professionals

Carpet cleaning made fun and exciting. Creative tips in reviving the old look of your carpets.

Do you know how to take care of your rugs and home carpet stains? Interested in learning smart ways to deal with water damage and similar problems? Read the following carpet cleaning and stain removal tips and learn what to do for each case. Great ideas written simply for everyone's benefit.

Learn the best ways to clean rugs quickly. Excellent rug cleaning solutions and easy ways to clean stains!

The art of blotting

Blotting is a carpet cleaning method that anyone can do. This is done by pressing a dry towel down the spot, which will absorb the spill into the towel. Blotting can be done to clean any type of spills. Experts at Carpet Cleaning Lafayette suggest learning how to carry out this method because it is both easy to do and can remove stain without damaging the carpet.

Routine maintenance for your carpet

Keeping your carpet clean can go a long way in prolonging their life span, especially since carpets are always exposed to spills and dirt. Not to mention that they can hide parasites and that can lead to diseases that could endanger your health, despite looking clean. A simple vacuum cleaner will suffice for this task. Make it a habit to clean your carpet every few days to make sure that they stay clean.

Remove bad odors with natural products

Many products used for carpet cleaning contain chemicals. Our experts say that these ones will not be good for your health. It's always best for you to prefer ecofriendly products. Sometimes, it's best to use products you keep in the house. White vinegar and baking soda, for example, are both excellent solutions for odor removal. Vinegar can be easily applied with a brush and should be mixed with some water. Baking soda should be applied overnight and vacuumed the next day.

Wash dirty sections of the rug with a soft sponge

If immediate washing is required, you should use sponge for the purpose. Rub the area gently without pressing hard. You must never use a brush of any kind as it can pick up the fibers while you scrub the area clean. Remember to rinse the section with clean water using the sponge as well. Air drying is best, as long as you keep the rug away from direct sunlight.

Avoid sunlight and pollutants

You might not notice it but a little sunlight on your upholstered fabrics can eventually cause fading and fraying over the years. Position your furniture so it's not sitting directly in the sun for any extended period. This is especially important with delicate fabrics like silk. Cooking fumes and other airborne pollutants can also be harmful to fabrics, although proper ventilation may help. Remember that our professional experts are the specialists in cleaning and maintaining your upholstered fabrics, so give us a call for 100% complete customer satisfaction.

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